Will Best

Graduate Student, Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawai'i


I'm a final-year PhD student at the IfA in Honolulu. I'm interested in almost everything astronomical, but especially brown dwarfs, low-mass stellar populations, planet and star formation, protoplanetary disks, and exoplanets.

My thesis work (with Mike Liu and Gene Magnier) is building a volume-limited sample of ultracool dwarfs (brown dwarfs and very low-mass stars) out to 25 parsecs, covering two-thirds of the sky and including roughly 400 objects, four times larger than the most complete sample to date. I am using parallaxes to establish membership and high-resolution imaging to determine multiplicity. My goal is to present the first comprehensive picture of the local ultracool field population.

I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Geneva, Switzerland. After getting my undergraduate degree in physics and astronomy at Haverford College, I decided to try high school teaching for a couple of years. That quickly turned into fifteen wonderful years at Punahou School, plus a couple of years traveling and living in Boulder, CO. Now I've returned to my first love, astronomy, where I'm enjoying research, the daily intellectual stretch and the chance to do a lot of coding!

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Last updated:  2017-10-30