University of Hawaii
Institute for Astronomy

David J. Tholen

Representative Publications

The Orbit of Charon. I. New Hubble Space Telescope Observations
D. J. Tholen and M. W. Buie
Icarus, 125, 245-260 (1997)

Separate Lightcurves of Pluto and Charon
M. W. Buie, D. J. Tholen, and L. H. Wasserman
Icarus, 125, 233-244 (1997)

Infrared Observations of Distant Asteroids
J. K. Davies, D. J. Tholen, and D. R. Ballantyne
In Completing the Inventory of the Solar System, pp. 97-105
T. W. Rettig and J. M. Hahn, eds., Astron. Soc. Pacific Conf. Series (1996)

Services of the Small Bodies Node of the Planetary Data System
E. J. Grayzeck, Jr., M. F. A'Hearn, A. C. Raugh, M. V. Sykes, D. R. Davis, and D. Tholen
Planet. Space Sci., 44, 47-54 (1996)

The Lightcurve of 4179 Toutatis: Evidence for Complex Rotation
J. R. Spencer et al.
Icarus, 117, 71-89 (1995)

The book "Pluto and Charon", a volume in the University of Arizona's Space Science Series, edited by S. A. Stern and myself, is now available.

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