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January 2002 AAS Meeting

Michael C. Liu (IfA/Hawaii)

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Images (Full resolution JPEG, ~80 Kb each): except for the sky map, please credit as "M. Liu, University of Hawaii."

Sky map showing the position of 15 Sge (courtesy of Gemini Observatory). Click on thumbnail for full-sized image.


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Gemini North adaptive optics image of 15 Sge and its newly found companion, 15 Sge B. The data were obtained in the near-infrared at a wavelength of 2.2 microns. The image has been computer processed to subtract the light from the much brighter primary star in the vicinity of the companion.
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Keck Telescope adaptive optics image of the 15 Sge system, also obtained in the near-infrared. The orientation and field of view are the same as the Gemini AO images.




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