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1. The History of the Telescope: http://es.rice.edu:80/ES/humsoc/Galileo/Things/telescope.html Excellent article from The Galileo Project at Rice University on telescope history including small sketches and photos.

2. History of the Telescope http://www-isds.jpl.nasa.gov/cwo/cwo_54ga/html/cd/telescop.htm Another excellent article on telescope history with a good bibliography but no illustrations.

3. History of Astronomy http://www.astro.uni-bonn.de/~pbrosche/astoria.html General history of astronomy webpage at U. Bonn on behalf of the IAU. Includes an impressive collection of over a thousand links to observatories, persons, topics, archives and libraries, museums and memorials, research institutes, publications, meetings, societies, and historians around the world.

4. A Brief History of Astronomy http://casswww.ucsd.edu/public/tutorial/History.html Brief 3000 year history by Professor Gene Smith at University of California, San Diego. Includes portraits of several historically important astronomers.

5. The History of the Telescope & the Binocular http://home.europa.com/~telscope/binotele.htm An excellent collection of articles and images related to the history of the telescope by Peter Abrahams.

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