Bioastronomy 99: A New Era in Bioastronomy

6th Bioastronomy Meeting - Kohala Coast Hawaii - August 2-6, 1999

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The 6th Bioastronomy Conference will be held at the Hapuna Prince Beach hotel from August 2-6, 1999. The series of previous Bioastronomy meetings have played an important role in integrating the broader interests and techniques of both astronomy and biology to understand the origin and evolution of living systems in the universe. The 1999 meetings will also be an opportunity to develop the promise of expanding interests for a new multidisciplinary science branch known as astrobiology. The scope of these studies is captured in the topics being proposed for this meeting: Organic molecules in interstellar and interplanetary space; Stellar birth; Origin and evolution of planetary systems; Comets, asteroids, and other small bodies and their role in the origin and evolution of life; Planetary evolution; Earth as a living planet; Extreme environments on the Earth; Catastrophic Impacts; Origin of life; Transport of life between planets; Evolution of life and intelligence; Detection and characterization of extrasolar planets; Search for extraterrestrial technology and life; Future missions; Public acceptance and support of scientific studies of life in the universe.

Abstract books will be provided at the meeting, and papers will be published as in a Proceedings edited by Guillermo Lemarchand. It will appear approximately 2-3 months after the final receipt of the camera-ready text.

For information about the meeting, you may contact one of the local or science organizing committee members as listed below. (Please contact the chairs first).

Local CommitteeEmail AddressScience CommitteeEmail Address
Karen Meech, John Rummel,
Luann David
Klaus Stu Bowyer, USAbowyer@ssl.Berkeley.EDU
Jon Cristiano Cosmovici,
Narayan Raja--- Jim Kasting,
Tobias Masatoshi Ohishi,
Jeff Tobias Owen,
Karen Teramura--- Didier Queloz,
Alan Francois Raulin,
------ Jill Tarter,
------ Harley Thronson,
------ Guillermo


  • The SETI Institute
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • NASA Ames
  • NASA Life Sciences Outreach Program
  • NASA Astrobiology Institute Outreach Office
  • The Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Lockheed Martin
  • International Academy of Astronautics
  • The Institute for Astronomy
  • Paradise Safaris

    Meeting Mailing List

    Meeting announcements will be mailed out to people on the IAU Commission 51 mailing list and to those who attended the 1996 meeting in Capri. If you wish to have your name added to the mailing list, click here.

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