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Ast 735 Submillimeter Astronomy in the ALMA era
Spring 2013 Fridays 11:00am-12:30pm
Jonathan Williams, Institute for Astronomy


This series of seminars will introduce students to radio astronomy and inteferometry. The course will be split roughly evenly between lectures on the techniques and applications of observing at submillimeter wavelengths and practical work using real data. For the latter, we will use ALMA science verification datasets and work through the associated tutorials on CASA data reduction and analysis. Students will need a laptop computer running (Mac OS) unix or linux. The goal is for students to learn the skills of submillimeter astronomy and interferometry so as to be able to propose for SMA, ALMA, or JVLA observations in their chosen science area.

The schedule of the course is as follows. Lecture notes and instructions regarding the hands-on work will be linked here after each class.


Date Lecture Tutorials Notes
Jan 18 Introduction to the course
Jan 25 Principles of Interferometry Download CASA
Get acquanited with the CASAguides
IRAM Interferometry School Proceedings
Feb 1 Introduction to ALMA Work through introductory CASA tutorials Students should start looking at the list of ALMA early science datasets
NBC goes to ALMA
Feb 8 Practicalities of Interferometry: calibration Download NGC3256 Science Verification dataset
Work through associated casaguide to calibrate data
For more details see Gueth IRAM lecture
Feb 15 Practicalities of Interferometry:
imaging and deconvolution
Work through associated casaguide to image NGC3256 SV data This lecture shamelessly hacked from Wilner NRAO lecture
Students should choose an ALMA early science dataset
Feb 22 Getting to know casaviewer More on imaging
Mar 1 Guest lecture by Jane Greaves Simulating ALMA observations (casaguide) The simulation slides borrow heavily from Marcelino NRAO lecture
Mar 8 Science with ALMA (A brief overview) More on simulations Unattributed review paper
Mar 15 no class Individual meetings with students
Mar 22 no class Individual meetings with students Students to have carried out their own simulation by now
Apr 5 no class Individual meetings with students
Apr 12 no class JPW on Big Island
Apr 19 ALMA proposal preparation Students should have completed their SV data reduction by now
Apr 26 Student proposal presentations