University of Hawaii
Institute for Astronomy

Robert Jedicke

Ph.D., University of Toronto, 1992

  • Pan-STARRS
  • Asteroids and Comets (Near-Earth, Main Belt, Distant)
  • High-Energy Particle Physics


Referreed Publications

Orbital, spin state and thermophysical characterization of near-Earth asteroid (3200) Phaethon
J. Hanus and 17 co-authors (2016). to appear in A & A.

A Coordinated Research Program to Develop the Technology to Optical Mine Asteroids
Sercel, J. C., Dreyer, C. B., Abbud-Madrid, A., Britt, D., Jedicke, R., Gertsch, L., Love, S.G. (2016). to appear in the proceedings of ASCE E & S.

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Space transfers from the Geostationary orbits to temporary captured near Earth orbiters
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