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Ph.D., Princeton University, 1980
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Selected Publications

Low-Redshift Lyα Selected Galaxies from GALEX Spectroscopy: A Comparison with Both UV-Continuum Selected Galaxies and High-Redshift Lyα Emitters
L. L. Cowie, A. J. Barger, & E. M. Hu
The Astrophysical Journal, 711, 928-958 (2010)

Deep Spectroscopy of Ultra-Strong Emission-Line Galaxies
Hu, E. M., L. L. Cowie, Y. Kakazu, & A. J. Barger
The Astrophysical Journal, 698, 2014-2022 (2009)

Mapping Extremely Low Metallicity Galaxies to Redshift One
Y. Kakazu, L. L. Cowie, & E. M. Hu
The Astrophysical Journal, 668, 853-875 (2007)

The Stellar Population of Lyα-emitting Galaxies at z ~ 5.7
K. Lai, J.-S. Huang, G. Fazio, L. L. Cowie, E. M. Hu, & Y. Kakazu
The Astrophysical Journal, 655, 704-713 (2007)

High-redshift Galaxy Populations
E. M. Hu, & L. L. Cowie
Nature, 440, 1145-1150 (2006)

A Large Sample of Spectroscopic Redshifts in the ACS-GOODS Region of the Hubble Deep Field North
L. L. Cowie,A. J. Barger, E. M. Hu, P. Capak, & A. Songaila
The Astronomical Journal, 127, 3137-3145 (2004)

The Luminosity Function of Lyα Emitters at Redshift z ~ 5.7
E. M. Hu, L. L. Cowie, P. Capak, R. G. McMahon, T. Hayashino, and Y. Komiyama
The Astronomical Journal, 127, 563-575 (2004)

A Deep Wide-Field, Optical, and Near-Infrared Catalog of a Large Area around the Hubble Deep Field North
P. Capak, L. L. Cowie, E. M. Hu, A. J. Barger, M. Dickinson, E. Fernandez, M. Giavalisco, Y. Komiyama, C. Kretchmer, C. McNally, S. Miyazaki, S. Okamura, and D. Stern
The Astronomical Journal, 127, 180-198 (2004)

A Redshift z = 6.56 Galaxy behind the Cluster Abell 370
E. M. Hu, L. L. Cowie, R. G. McMahon, P. Capak, F. Iwamuro, J.-P. Kneib, T. Maihara, and K. Motohara
The Astrophysical Journal, 568, L75-L79 (2002)

Caltech Faint Galaxy Redshift Survey. X. A Redshift Survey in the Region of the Hubble Deep Field North
J. G. Cohen, D. W. Hogg, R. Blandford, L.L. Cowie, E. Hu, A. Songaila, P. Shopbell, and K. Richberg
The Astrophysical Journal, 538, 29–52 (2000)

Caltech Faint Galaxy Redshift Survey. XI. The Merger Rate to Redshift 1 from Kinematic Pairs
R. G. Carlberg, J. G. Cohen, D. R. Patton, R. Blandford, D. W. Hogg, H. K. C. Yee, S. L. Morris, H. Lin, P. B. Hall, M.Sawicki, G. D. Wirth, L. L. Cowie, E. Hu, and A. Songaila
The Astrophysical Journal (Letters), 532, L1–L4 (2000)

An Extremely Luminous Galaxy at z = 5.74
E. M. Hu, R. G. McMahon, and L. L. Cowie
The Astrophysical Journal (Letters), 522, L9-L12 (1999)

High-z Lyα Emitters. I. A Blank-Field Search for Objects near Redshift z = 3.4
in and around the Hubble Deep Field and the Hawaii Deep Field SSA 22

L. L. Cowie and E. M. Hu
The Astronomical Journal, 115, 1319-1328 (1998)

Constraints on the Early Formation of Field Elliptical Galaxies
A. J. Barger, L. L. Cowie, N. Trentham, E. Fulton, E. M. Hu, A. Songaila, and D. Hall
The Astronomical Journal, 117, 102-110 (1999)

The Density of Lyα Emitters at Very High Redshift
E. M. Hu, L. L. Cowie, and R. G. McMahon
The Astrophysical Journal (Letters), 502, L99-L103 (1998)