Mon. Not. R. astr. Soc. 350, 798-808 (2004)

Shock-induced star formation in a model of the Mice

Joshua E. Barnes

Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii,
2680 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

In original form 2003 July 22


Star formation plays an important role in the fate of interacting galaxies. To date, most galactic simulations including star formation have used a density-dependent star formation rule designed to approximate a Schmidt law. Here, I present a new star formation rule which is governed by the local rate of energy dissipation in shocks. The new and old rules are compared using self-consistent simulations of NGC 4676; shock-induced star formation provides a better match to the observations of this system.


A gzipped postscript copy of this paper is available here.

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