Astronomy 735


Joshua Barnes

Spring 1994

I will discuss methods for simulating galaxies (or other collisionless stellar-dynamical systems). The material will be fairly self- contained, although some programming experience (in C or Fortran) and a little background knowledge of galactic dynamics will be helpful. I plan to focus on modern techniques for three-dimensional systems. These will be illustrated by examples from the literature, including simulations of dynamical instabilities, secular evolution, collisions, and mergers of galaxies.

Topics to be discussed include:

  1. Fundamental Equations of Stellar Dynamics
  2. Design and Implementation of N-body Codes
  3. Generation of Initial Conditions
  4. Simulation Procedures and Quality Control
  5. Analysis of Simulation Results

There will be two lectures per week; the first is tentatively scheduled for April 5, 1994.
Joshua E. Barnes (

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