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2024 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
March 29 Ji Wang (Ohio State University) Early Accretion of Large Amounts of Solids for Directly-Imaged Exoplanets


2023 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
February 1 Barnaby Norris (University of Sydney) Demonstration of a photonic-lantern focal-plane wavefront sensor
October 11 Mona El Morsy (UT San Antonion) Development of a prototype instrument for the characterization of young giant exoplanets
December 5 Maissa Salama (UCSC) On-sky closed-loop segment co-phasing using a vector-Zernike wavefront sensor controlling the Keck primary mirror


2022 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
June 29 Charlotte Guthery (Keck) Demonstration of a Hybrid Wavefront Sensor


2020 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
January 29 Olivier Lai (Observatoire de la C�te d�Azur) Optical turbulence: Think globally, act locally
February 5 Richard Treffers (Starman Systems) Telescope Renewal
October 21 Jeff Kuhn (IfA) Glass shaping technologies for large mirrors


2019 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
March 28 Reinier Janssen (JPL) Kinetic Inductance Detectors: Enabling kilo-pixel arrays of high sensitivity detectors for ground- and space-based far-infrared astronomy


2018 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
May 2 Michael Connelley (IfA/IRTF) SPECTRE: A low-resolution spectrograph concept for IRTF
May 16 Max Service (IfA) Characterizing a Pinhole Mask for use as an astrometric flat field
May 30 Charlotte Bond (IfA) Adaptive optics with an infrared pyramid wavefront sensor
June 19 Nadia Blagorodnova (Caltech) To be rescheduled
December 12 Emily Martin (UCSC) An Overview of the NIRSPEC Upgrade for Keck


2017 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
March 15 Alison Peck (Gemini) An Introduction to Radio/Submillimeter Interferometry
August 2 Katherine Alatalo (Carnegie) The life-cycle of gas in dying galaxies


Fall 2016 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
July 5 (10am) Mansi M. Kasliwal (Caltech) The Dynamic Infrared Sky
July 27 (10-11am) Eric Paopao & Marc Cotter (IfA) Lockout tagout training
August 15 Ryan Lau (Caltech) Investigating Dusty Explosions and their Aftermath in the Infrared with SOFIA, Spitzer, and JWST
August 26 Eduardo Bendek (NASA Ames) Enhancing Direct Imaging Exoplanet Detection and Characterization with Astrometry
September 14 Carl Ziegler (UNC Chapel Hill) The Robo-AO KOI survey and the development of a Southern Robotic AO system
September 28 Dani Atkinson (IfA) Photon Counting and You
October 12 Prashant Pathak (Subaru) Closed loop ADC correction for high contrast imaging
November 9 Nemanja Jovanovic (Subaru) Enabling ultra-precision astronomy by efficiently injecting from a large telescope into a single-mode fiber
November 30 Ian Baker (Leonardo) Leonardo (formerly Selex ES) MOVPE HgCdTe Avalanche Photo Diode arrays for astronomy


Spring 2016 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
February 3 Norbert Schorghofer (IfA) Results from the Dawn mission to Ceres
February 16 Morgan Bonnet (IfA/IRTF) 5 years of facility maintenance and upgrades at the IRTF
February 17 Nienke van der Marel (IfA) Planet formation in the ALMA era: gas and dust in protoplanetary disks
March 16 Luke McKay (IfA) The new UH 2.2m observatory control system (Abstract)
March 30 Charles Lockhart & Eric Warmbier (IfA) Pizza Box Array Controllers (postponed)
April 6 Barry Starr (Raytheon Vision Systems) RVS Technology Portfolio Overview
April 13 Göran Sandell (SOFIA-USRA) SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. Past, present and future.
April 27 Sean Goebel (IfA) SAPHIRA deployment at SCExAO
May 26 Mark Veyette (Boston Univ.) NEWS: the near-infrared Echelle for wideband spectroscopy


Fall 2015 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
October 12 Ben Mazin (UCSB) Energy resolving detectors (at Subaru HQ)
November 5 (2pm) Jean-Francois Sauvage (ONERA/LAM) SPHERE - The VLT eXtreme AO planet hunter
November 18 Colin Aspin (IfA) UH 2.2-m telescope upgrades (postponed)
December 4 (noon) Andrew Sheinis (AAO) What's New at the AAO: an Update on new science and instrumentation in Sydney
December 9 John Rayner (IfA) The Design of iSHELL


Spring 2015 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
January 14 Alex Rudy (UCSC) Predicting wind-driven turbulence for adaptive optics control
January 28 Jeff Kuhn (IfA) Building the World's Largest Off-axis Optical Telescope on Haleakala: Status and Future
January 29 Bill Richardson (UH OTTED) UH's Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development Q+A
February 11 Megan Shabram (Penn State) Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling for Exoplanet Populations from Kepler
February 24 Shihwu Sung (UH Hilo) Coastal Biomass Refinery
March 4 Bernie Rauscher (GSFC) Life Finder Detectors: An Overview of Detector Technologies for Seeking Life on other Worlds by Spectroscopic Biosignature Characterization
March 11 Svetlana Berdyugina (KIfS, Freiburg) High-Sensitivity Double Image Polarimeter DIPOL-2 at UH88: Exoplanets, Interacting Binaries, Interstellar Medium, Asteroids, etc.
March 17 Madeline Close (Gemini) Systems Engineers to the Stars: Systems engineering in development and operations at Gemini Observatory
April 15 Geoffrey Bower (ASIAA) Intensity Mapping with the YT Lee Array
April 22 Joel Sercel (ICS Associates) Apis: Asteroid Provided In-Situ Systems: A New Vision for Humanity's Future In Space
April 29 Michael Herbst (UH JABSOM) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) & Prospective Motion Correction in MRI (Related article)
May 20 Stuart Jefferies (IfA) 3-D optical wave front characterization using a micro-lens array


Fall 2014 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
October 8 John Tonry (IfA) ATLAS Nears First Light
October 15 Reed Riddle (Caltech) Automating Adaptive Optics: The Robo-AO Control System (Abstract)
October 22 Jennifer Halaszyn (UH Office of Export Controls) Export Controls
October 29 Colin Aspin (IfA) Refurbishment and upgrades to the UH 2.2-m telescope II (Abstract)
November 5 Luke McKay (IfA) 3D printer for rapid prototyping at IfA Hilo (Abstract)
November 19 André Fehlmann (IfA) Building CryoNIRSP for the DKI Solar Telescope
December 10 Alan Tokunaga (IfA) Progress on an immersion grating echelle spectrograph for the IRTF
December 11 Michael Ireland (ANU) The problem of low- to moderate-Strehl narrow-field imaging: are we making progress?


Spring 2014 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
January 29 Kathy Cooksey (UH Hilo) Precious Metals in SDSS Quasar Spectra
February 6 Randy Campbell & Paul Stomski (Keck) Protecting Aircraft During Laser Guide Star Operations Using Transponder Based Aircraft Detection
February 19 Michael Connelley (IfA) Future Instrumentation on the IRTF
April 8 Leon Harding (Caltech) The Effectiveness of Electron Multiplication CCD Technology for Astronomical Applications
April 14 Chad Trujillo (Gemini) Drinking from the Firehose, Searching for the Inner Oort Cloud with the Dark Energy Camera
April 17 Olivier Guyon (Subaru & Arizona) Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors at Subaru
April 22 Roger O'Brient (JPL/Caltech) TIME to learn about reionization: Spectrometers for the Tomographic Ionized carbon Mapping Experiment
April 30 TBD Eduardo Bendek (NASA Ames) Exoplanet detection and characterization using combined coronagraphy and sub-uas astrometry from space
May 20 Colin Aspin (IfA) Refurbishment and upgrades to the UH 2.2-m telescope


Fall 2013 Schedule

Date Speaker Title of TechTalk
September 5 Peter J. McGregor (The Australian National University) The GMT adaptive optics PDR (including the On-Instrument Wavefront Sensors that will move across to the GMTIFS project)
September 9 Anne Itsuno (Raytheon) Raytheon Vision Systems: Overview and Computational Engineering Capabilities
September 25 Nemanja Jovanovic (Subaru) High precision radial velocity enabled by extreme adaptive optics
October 9 Rachel Rampy (Keck) Sodium Laser Guide Stars for Adaptive Optics: Why, How, and What?s Next
October 23 Joshua Walawender (Subaru) Project PANOPTES: The Hardware and Technical Challenges
November 6 Charles Lockhart & Eric Warmbier (IfA) Adapting Leach controllers for use with HAWAII and Aladdin arrays
December 4 Dani Atkinson (IfA) (Postponed until 2014 for 88" site visit.) Near-infrared photon counting for adaptive optics